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Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Her Childhood: My Parents Called Me A "bitch" And A "whore"

Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Childhood on Couples Therapy Farrah's had a rocky relationship with both her Farrah sex tape parents (never forget the time her mom slapped her on television), and she got to the bottom of her mommy/daddy issues during Episode 4 of Couples Therapy. Basically, Farrah claims that Michael and Debra think she's a "whore" and want to take all her money. Just your normal, everyday family problems, guys! "My mom is the only person who would call me names if I did something wrong," Farrah told Dr. Jenn Berman. "My mom and my dad have called me a 'whore' for no reason. Even when I was dating the first person I ever had sex with.
Source http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah-abraham/articles/2014-01-24-couples-therapy-talks-difficult-childhood

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