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Farrah Abraham Strip Club: 'teen Mom' Stripping For Cash

Its really fun. I hired Farrah as a waitress about a month ago and then we talked about it. She decided to switch to dancing. And then we talked again and came to an agreement for six figures. Were really happy and excited. According to the news report, the Farrah Abraham Strip Club Celebrity House Feature began on August 22 and runs through the end of this month. However, bookings for the former reality star can only be made through the clubs managers. Prices to watch Abraham are $2,500 for an hour or $500 for 10 minutes. In her interview, Abraham, who the Inquisitr reported will not be returning to Teen Mom, claimed she was planning to use her earnings to open a second frozen yogurt store.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1683400/farrah-abraham-strip-club-video-surfaces/

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